Backpacking with SoundWitness

Welcome to my backpacking site!

     This site is dedicated to my passion of backpacking.  Although I am not a "gram weenie", I do look at the ultralight side and trim the ounces from my pack weight, when I can.  I remember starting out in the early 1980 with a huge Kelty pack, and gear weighing in at about 60 pounds.  Technology has improved the backpacking experience, as well as helping to cut pack weight considerably.

     My passion also includes alcohol stoves and hammocking.  A great site for hammocking is right here.  This forum is dedicated to hammock camping  (hanging) and is a great hammock discussion web site.  You will learn everything you need in that community and they proclaim on the site that once you have spent time in a hammock you will never go back to tent camping.  In 2006 they made me a believer!!  Check them out.

Enjoy my site!!  I hope to have some video reviews, and blog some of my upcoming trips.